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"Here’s your rating: 5/5✨✨✨✨✨

Here’s my testimony....
First of all I want to say THANK YALL. thank y’all so much for everything. Without you two I wouldn’t be right here in this extremely healthy, loving myself, proud of me, situation. 3 years ago when I started taking classes I was unhealthy, didn’t care about myself and sure didn’t feel comfortable with myself. I had given up hope. I had struggled with self image for such a long time.
I knew that I needed to love myself no matter what I looked like but I also knew that deep down I needed to make a change. Not only did I need to love myself, but I needed to be proud of myself.
Your classes changed everything. Never had I been surrounded by such a positive group of women who uplifted each other and supported one another in every aspect of life. Yes we all get together and work out or dance together, but we’ve also developed relationships outside of the gym and to me that is what is most important. Having a group of ladies that you can rely on to always lift you up.
I’ve never taken a dance class like Britts before where I actually get a good work out, work muscle groups, and also I am comfortable enough to let loose.  It’s the funnest thing ever and it makes “working out” seem like you aren’t even doing it. Let’s just say it’s definitely not Zumba and that’s a good thing 

Hannah always kicks my butt in her classes. The weight/body weight moves are easy to follow , yet you get such a burn. Plus she’s also added a dance class now which means more fun!!!
2020 has had its ups and downs for me, but thankfully every time I see you ladies and go to a class it’s always an up.
Again, thank you both. Thank you both for being my stress relievers, my punching bags when I’m having a bad day, my fun time party animals, and most importantly my friends. Thank y’all for loving me, praying for me, and supporting me. I love you both dearly.

With love, Liv❤️

P.S. here’s a before and after pic of me. This is what happens when you find the right support group, the right mix of healthy eating, and when you bfit with Britt and turn up with Hannah 💕💕"


"I love how empowering they are to women. They are all about moving your body any way you can and less about doing it for weight loss or to look a certain way. You genuinely get to know each person in your class and are so encouraging."

-Dana H.

"As we all know 2020 has been a year from h***. As someone who suffers with depression on the best day! Hannah and Brittany always bring me out of the every day funk! I love seeing their smiling faces and positive attitudes. Their classes are designed for everyone! I always leave feeling inspired and with a smile on my face! Love twerking and sweating with these ladies!!!"
-Leah T.

"My favorite dance class! The music and dance moves makes me feel like I'm in my 20's again!!!"

-Brittany L.

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